For us, training is of value to companies if knowledge is transferred and applied to professional performance. For the transfer of training to be effective, the knowledge learned will have to be generalized to the work context and maintained for a period, after its completion.

In companies, we focus on knowledge in the context of its application, in operations, in innovation processes and continuous organizational improvement. Knowledge is seen as information used in a productive perspective.

For VFCONSULTINGGROUP, dealing with knowledge is dealing with problems and their (re) solutions. For us, the purpose of professional training is to consolidate the existing, monitor and facilitate changes, and prepare for the future, assuming a more active rather than reactive form of action, making companies realize that it is an asset to train their employees, to that they are ready for future situations, and enable them to change and solve specific problems.

We invest in differentiation through appropriate choices, strategic partnerships and the option for the most important areas of intervention in the economy linked to information technologies.

In order to meet the needs of companies and the needs of employees, with regard to their career development goals, we have chosen different types of training to better combine training and work. The training plan is developed together and made according to the client’s strategy, making it easier to achieve the objectives.

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